Gab #16. Creative & Design Event.

Colour Summer. New Campaign.

No Opportunity. Creative & Design Gallery Show Review.

Jamhot at Glug Summer Event. Cargo, Shoreditch.

No Opportunity. 8th-11th June. Veneer Gallery Finnieston.

Dundee Rep Theatre. New Branding Work.

Winston's Wish. New Design Client.

Gab 15. Mr Bingo, Dan Woodger & Ilka.

Offf 2017 Festival Book. Bigwig.

Digital Design Project. Apps For Good.

Across the last six months, we have been working as a design & digital agency partner of the educational charity Apps For Good, along with Samsung & Selesforce, to give talented young people the opportunity to learn about app planning, design & development, content creation and marketing. 
We have been working with groups of young app creators in two schools in Luton and Stratford to bring their digital ideas to life. Working closely with the teams we have designed and developed two apps - one for iOS and one for Android. 
The first, Lilies, is a new social network that helps young people deal with grief and bereavement by offering them a safe place to post memories, photos and feelings, interact with other users and access forums, tips and other usedful digital resources for dealing with grief. 
The second app, DiPloy, is aimed at young people with disabilities, offering them video and audio interview practice - giving them the chance to develop the skills and confidence they need to deal with interviews and get in to employment. 
It has been a pleasure working with so many talented young designers - with the teams impressing us with their creative ideas, execution and dedication to the project.