Carnet Jove Andorra. New Design Work.

Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017

Tron Theatre Season Launch. New Design Work.

The Scottish Government. New Digital Work.

Gab #16. Creative & Design Event.

Colour Summer. New Campaign.

No Opportunity. Creative & Design Gallery Show Review.

Jamhot at Glug Summer Event. Cargo, Shoreditch.

No Opportunity. 8th-11th June. Veneer Gallery Finnieston.

Dundee Rep Theatre. New Branding Work.

Dundee Rep Theatre is a cultural powerhouse in the heart of Scotland. Founded in 1939, the theatre is unique in being home to a full time ensemble of permanent actors who work across the Rep's productions. Dundee Rep is also home to the world renowned Scottish Dance Theatre and serves as a thriving cultural hub within the creative city of Dundee. 

To celebrate the first season from the Rep's new creative director Andrew Panton, Jamhot were commissioned to develop a new identity for the Rep and the creative for the new season, including Rep production show images, campaigns, signage and the new season brochure.