Stand Out. New Campaign Work.

Gab #16 Review. Creative Event.

It's a Huge Poster. St Enoch Design.

Creative Boom Magazine. Studio Feature.

Wasps Creative & Artists Studios. New Design Client.

Carnet Jove Andorra. New Design Work.

Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017

Tron Theatre Season Launch. New Design Work.

The Scottish Government. New Digital Work.

Offf 2017 Festival Book. Bigwig.

As part of our involvement at Offf 2017, we were asked to submit a piece for their festival art book for inclusion within the superhero section. Craig based our piece off of an unlikely superhero - his slightly jaded old high school art teacher..


‘Keep on taking those pills boy’

I always hoped I was good at art, I was a bit shit at everything else, but back in 1999 this phrase ringing in my ear was the only encouragement offered up to an eager young designer from my high school abstract art teacher. Sporting terrible cardigans and big ginger sideburns, my supposed source of inspiration seemed constantly grumpy. But we shared something important in common, a love of illustration and of the film Watership Down. He even kinda looked like Bigwig! While I never saw my teacher as a hero at the time, getting older I’ve come to realise that superheroes can appear in many different forms. What seemed like just a bad catchphrase was perhaps his small way of offering up the encouragement I needed to push me on to be a better designer. So every day I remember that advice… ‘Keep on taking those pills boy’.

We were delighted to be included within this great deisgn publication alongside a collection of Offf artists and designers.