Gab #16. Creative & Design Event.

Colour Summer. New Campaign.

No Opportunity. Creative & Design Gallery Show Review.

Jamhot at Glug Summer Event. Cargo, Shoreditch.

No Opportunity. 8th-11th June. Veneer Gallery Finnieston.

Dundee Rep Theatre. New Branding Work.

Winston's Wish. New Design Client.

Gab 15. Mr Bingo, Dan Woodger & Ilka.

Offf 2017 Festival Book. Bigwig.

Scottish Government Digital Office. New Client.

The Scottish Local Government Digital Office is an exciting new initiative from the Scottish Government - bringing together 27 councils across the country to transform them in to citizen driven Digital Businesses that are underpinned by digital technology. 

Jamhot has been appointed to create a new brand strategy, identity and digital portal for the office - allowing this forward thinking initiative to be brought to life on-line. We're excited about working with the passionate team over the next couple of months to create some great work.