European Youth Card Seminar. Brussels '19.

Gab21. Tony McCarroll, Oasis. Thurs 11th April.

Annual Review & Vision Plan. Design for Wasps Studios.

New Merchandise. Design for Tron Theatre.

Hello 2019. Studio Update.

The Snow Queen. Design Work for Dundee Rep.

BBC Music Introducing Live. Festival Branding.

Gab20 Review. Creative Event.

Get Your Gift On. St Enoch Campaign.

ChooseRespect. Anti Bullying Campaign.

This week sees the launch of national anti bullying week and our new campaign for youth organisation RespectMe. 

Our #ChooseRespect campaign takes young people on an anti-bullying journey across four key stages including self reflection, celebrating difference, building empathy and positive relationships. Each phase offers teachers a series of learning resources on a campaign microsite along with a digital toolkit allowing them to bring the campaign to life with their pupils. 

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with the team at RespectMe and launch this campaign to schools across the country for an extremely worthwhile cause.