Gab 35 Thurs 8th Feb. Save The Date.

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to our Gab event series in Glasgow in 2023. We appreciate the continued support and enthusiasm for the events from folk in Glasgow and beyond - and are truly humbled that the events continue to sell out pretty much on the day the tickets go on sale.

We would especially like to thank all of the amazing speakers who were so generous with their time, energy and openness - sharing their stories, work, process, successes and setbacks so freely. Thank you Brian Collins, Eron Lutterman, Anupa Joshy, Adam Stevenson, Iain Donald, Laura Service, David Sedgwick, Alison Black, Laura McHard, Eleanor Stewart, Blair Porter, Rhiannon Porter, Rob Evans, Chris Roberts, Pearse O'Halloran, Judith Bowers, Aarti Joshi, Davey Swatpaz, Scarlett Hollerin, Gregor Hollerin and Ashleigh Robertson.

The events simply would not happen without the selfless input of people who give their time to speak and continue to exist because of the enthusiasm of the people who support the event by grabbing a ticket - helping us raise some money for charity.

And it's time to save the date... as we will be back at the start of '24 in our usual home at Sloans Ballroom on Thurs 8th Feb for an evening of creative chat. We'll be announcing the lineup at the start of the year and really hope to see some familiar and new faces there.