Gab is Back on 9th May. Design Event.

It's a happy day in the studio as we've confirmed a speaker for Gab that we've been wanting to welcome to Glasgow for quite a while, as Max Ottignon the co-founder of London brand agency Ragged Edge will join us to talk about their approach to brand. 

We've been big admirers of the studio for ages, and in fact Max was on his way up to speak at Gab about 5 years ago when a rather bad snow storm saw him stranded on a train and we had to cancel the whole event an hour before it was due to start. And four years ago Matt & Harith from Ragged Edge joined us to give a great talk about the work of the studio and as Ragged Edge continue to innovate, producing some of the best work in the world, we can't wait to hear all about it from Max. 

As it that wasn't enough for a great event, we'll be returning to the world's oldest surviving music hall, The Britannia Panopticon, a very special venue indeed. 

Tickets and details of our other speakers will be out next Wed, you can sign up at the Gab website