QMU at Glasgow University. New Brand Design.

In The Studio With North Uist Distillery Co.

Gab23 Thursday 17th October. Glasgow Design Event.

Autumn Campaign for St Enoch. New Creative.

Celtic FC Club History Timeline. New Design Work.

Gab Creative & Design Podcast. Episode #02 Ilka.

Tron Theatre New Season. Campaign Design.

Gab22 Thurs 19th Sept. Creative Event.

New Client. QMU University of Glasgow.

Gab Podcast Launch. Episode #01 David Keenan.

We've teamed up with the good folk at Elba Studios to create a Gab podcast featuring conversations with creative folk doing interesting things who have spoken at our Gab events in Glasgow.

Our very first guest is Scottish Author David Keenan who treated us to a turbo-charged tour of his crazy creative career - talking about signing to Creation Records, touring with Oasis, running a music store, writing (and destroying) his first novel, getting signed to Faber & Faber and his thoughts on living a creative life.

We hope you like it.

We're also busy planning the next couple of Gab events and will be announcing them soon.

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For more info on future podcasts and events you can sign up at the Gab Website