QMU at Glasgow University. New Brand Design.

In The Studio With North Uist Distillery Co.

Gab23 Thursday 17th October. Glasgow Design Event.

Autumn Campaign for St Enoch. New Creative.

Celtic FC Club History Timeline. New Design Work.

Gab Creative & Design Podcast. Episode #02 Ilka.

Tron Theatre New Season. Campaign Design.

Gab22 Thurs 19th Sept. Creative Event.

New Client. QMU University of Glasgow.

Gab Update. More Creative Events Coming Soon.

Hello hello. We know we've been a wee bit quiet this year on the Gab event front. Following our event earlier in the year with founding member of Oasis, Tony McCarroll we've been pretty busy in the studio with client projects taking up pretty much all of our time. 

But we're now busy planning the next two Gab events #22 and #23 and hope to have them in September and October this year in Glasgow. More details and tickets to follow at the end of this month. We hope you'll be able to join us then. 

We'll also be releasing a few more Gab podcasts, one per month likely up until the end of the year featuring some nice folk who have spoken at the events. It's a bit of a trial run until we see if there is enough interest and demand in the podcasts to keep them up - but it's been a great experience joining up with the talented team at Elba Studios in Glasgow to create them even if we do cringe at hearing our own voices on them!

If you want more info on Gab events when they are announced you can sign up to the list on the Gab Website.