Hello Feb. Creative Diary.

Ok, so we’re all pretty relieved to have Jan out of the way. Not that we want to wish our lives away, but it’s been a wee bit too rainy & windy for our liking. We we chatting to a client today and agreed that in future years everyone in Scotland should just shut up shop in Jan and kick off the year on the 1st of Feb.

Anyway, enough with the weather complaints! On to more pressing matters, what’s been going on at Jamhot HQ!

It’s been a great start to the year in the studio, the best we’ve enjoyed for quite a few years in fact.

Jamie’s been busy working away on some nice work for our friends at The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh which will launch over the coming months. It’s been an excellent project to work on.

Following our trip to the Isle of Lewis to kick off some work with a nice new distillery we’re also busy planning a trip to another Scottish Island - this time Islay, to do some research for some upcoming work on another brand, and we’ve been putting the finishing touches to some work we’ve been doing on the Isle of Jura. Alongside catching up with our friends at North Uist Distillery - it’s been island-tastic in the studio - and we’re pretty pleased about that. Who knows where the rest of the year might take us… we’re always open to island offers!

It’s not all island adventures, back on the mainland we’ll be heading down to Brighton later this month to kick off work with a new client. Hoping that we get some nice weather for that, we might treat ourselves to some chips on the beach.

We’ve just finalised a nice piece of work with the Association of Chartered Accountants - the global accountancy body. It’s been great to work with their talented team, we’ve enjoyed it a lot.

Our ongoing work continues with our friends at Worldwide Cancer Research, we’ll be in the studio with them next week for a much anticipated photoshoot.

There’s been quite a few very welcome new business calls and meetings, but like always we’re spending as little time on stuff like that as we possibly can - instead focussing all of our time and effort on the nice folk who have placed their projects in our hands. In our 17th year it’s still something that we never take for granted, always feeling privileged when someone likes what we do wants to work with our studio. Long may that continue. 

So it’s heads down, and on with the creative work we go.

Oh, just one more thing. Our Gab creative and event series is back in action this month, kicking things off on Thurs 8th Feb at Sloans Ballroom in Glasgow. And thanks to our friend Emma at The Queen's Hall in Edinburgh who got us to Depeche Mode at The Hydro (where the post pic was taken) - that was indeed a January treat. 

Whoever you are, and for whatever reason you might be reading this wee blog post, we hope your years is off to a great start and that Feb treats you well.

Jamhot x