Hello Islay. A New Island Adventure.

We've started off March in a pretty exciting way, kicking off another Scottish island adventure this time with our first ever visit to the Isle of Islay. 

We were over on the island for a few days, doing some discovery for a new whisky design project that we are working on in the studio. We were made to feel most welcome by many friendly locals who took the time to chat to us about all things whisky as we visited some of the island's many distilleries and got to sample a wee dram (or many wee drams if we're being honest). 

Luckily the Scottish weather was exceptionally kind to us, as the sun shone down every day even if the wind did blow us (and the hire jeep) around a fair bit. 

It was an excellent way to start a new project, and we look forward to getting stuck in over the next few months.