Jamhot Freelancer Fund. Creative Support.

As a studio we have always placed a lot of value on the many creative freelancers in our industry. We work with a wide range of talented folk - including film makers, animators, illustrators, developers, photographers, stylists and producers. Put simply - our large scale projects just wouldn’t happen without their talent, ability and enthusiasm for what we do.

Since we started our studio we have always paid every freelancer and small creative suppler we work with on the day that they invoice us. It’s our small way of saying thank you and demonstrating how much they mean to us.

During the difficulties posed by the recent virus stoppages we are aware of the worry and concern across the freelance community as some work dries up and project are cancelled. We remain committed to paying the people we work with on day of invoice - at times like this it's even important to keep money flowing and we'll do all that we can to make that happen.

As a very small show of support we have established a freelancer support fund - offering 4 x payments of £250 for anyone most severely impacted by the current issues. In the grand scheme of things we realise this is not a lot of money, but hope that it might just help a few folk out.

Contact us - studio@thisisjamhot.com

Stay safe, stay creative.
Jamhot x