QMU at Glasgow University. New Brand Design.

In The Studio With North Uist Distillery Co.

Gab23 Thursday 17th October. Glasgow Design Event.

Autumn Campaign for St Enoch. New Creative.

Celtic FC Club History Timeline. New Design Work.

Gab Creative & Design Podcast. Episode #02 Ilka.

Tron Theatre New Season. Campaign Design.

Gab22 Thurs 19th Sept. Creative Event.

New Client. QMU University of Glasgow.

Stop Climate Chaos. New Design & Campaign Work.

This week has seen the launch of a piece of work we're really proud of. A new brand and campaign for Stop Climate Chaos - a coalition of 3rd sector organisations, including WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Oxfam and Christian Aid, pushing for more urgent political action on climate change. 

Responding to the climate emergency, the new brand takes a bolder approach to design and messaging - cutting through the noise and getting to the point, using short statements, punchy copy and simple animated illustrations paired back to black and white. 

The new campaign is backed and launched by the 40 organisation members - urging people to support a petition to political leaders in Scotland demanding urgent action to #StopClimateChaos

The project has been a privilege to work, but it has also been scarily eye opening to read so much about the climate challenges facing our planet. During our research when working on the project, we've been encouraged by the attitudes of young people who seem to take a view that bolder action is required to safeguard their future. We're hoping that this campaign helps convert the warm words into concrete political action to #StopClimateChaos